Sash Cord and Sash Balance renewal in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

The sash cords in your windows may deteriorate over a period of time. At The Classical Sash Window Company, we offer expert sash cord and balance renewals.

We can free your sashes up…

Many sash windows have been painted shut, or the sash cords have deteriorated over the course of time and eventually break, cutting off ventilation and an essential fire escape. This is true for spring sash balances too, which collapse or disintegrate inside their tubes, then being unable to open the window. We can replace with new heavy-duty balances.

We can free your stuck sashes up and fit new white nylon sash cords to them. This new type of cord has a much longer lease of life than traditional cords, and does not stretch. Wax-cotton cord can be fitted if preferred. Have a look at our gallery to view some of our completed work.
The Classical Sash Window Company provides expert sash cord renewals.

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